How to keep your clients loyal

Whatever business you’re in client satisfaction matters and price isn’t always the deciding factor as you aim to keep your clients loyal.

Tax scam danger for new students

As new students start the academic year its not just Coronavirus related issues that may cause them problems, they could also be particularly vulnerable to cybercrime. With universities and colleges taking a blended approach to online and face-to-face tuition this year, and an increase in remote working due to the pandemic, students could be left […]

Don’t be late with your self-assessment payment

Over 15% of the working UK population is self-employed and uses HMRC’s Self Assessment system to pay their tax bill. Such taxpayers need to be aware that they are now expected to make twice yearly ‘payments on account’ to their tax account, and the next deadline is coming up very soon at the end of July.

Could your business cope with an HMRC enquiry?

HMRC enquiries into a business can cause considerable upheaval. Here we look at how you might be able to minimise any disruption. After all an HMRC enquiry doesn’t always mean that something is wrong, it could be the result of a random selection.

Amending your tax return

So you patted yourself on the back for filing your 2017/18 self-assessment tax return by 31 January 2019 which has long gone but horror of horrors you’ve just realised you made a mistake. Here we look at your options

Make the most of your tax allowances

The UK tax system contains a number of allowances which enable individuals to enjoy income and gains tax free. In seeking to maximise your tax-free income, it makes sense to take advantage of available allowances. The following are a selection of some of the allowances on offer.

Does the marriage allowance apply to you?

The marriage allowance can be beneficial to married couples and civil partners on lower incomes. Claiming the marriage allowance is worth up to £238 in 2018/19 and £250 in 2019/20.

Is tax payable on tips?

People are often confused about whether tips and gratuities are taxable and subject to National Insurance Contributions (NICs), here we take a look at HMRC’s application of the relevant legislation.


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