How to keep your clients loyal

Whatever business you’re in client satisfaction matters and price isn’t always the deciding factor as you aim to keep your clients loyal.

Bad tax news for landlords

Being a buy-to-let landlord can be tough. If keeping properties in good repair, complying with lettings regulations and finding good tenants is hard enough then changes to tax legislation is piling on the bad news. Tax relief on the interest being paid landlords is being significantly reduced.

Gift Aid changes for charity shops

HMRC has recently published a new guide on Gift Aid changes for charity shops. The guide in particular stresses the need for charity shops to make the procedure of selling items clear to potential donors.

R&D tax relief to boost small businesses

A new plan has been announced today (Wednesday 28 October) which sets out how the government intends to make it easier for small businesses investing in research and development (R&D) to claim tax relief. R&D tax relief exists to encourage investment in research, development and innovation by UK companies and not just those working with new technologies, […]

Carrier bag levy tax implications for retail businesses

Whether you’re shopping for handbags, glad rags or doing your weekly grocery shop make sure you don’t forget to take a carrier bag with you to avoid being charged for a single use carrier bag. And if you’re a retailer then you need to make sure you’re aware of the tax implications for your business […]


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