Here at Bedrock we're committed to ensuring we deliver on our customer service promise and have recently refreshed our customer service standards.

We want your experience of working with the Bedrock team to be a positive one where we deliver on what we’ve promised, on time and with no surprises.

We’re very much committed to providing timely, accurate straight-talking tax advice to all our clients. Whether you’re a business owner who needs tax advice to resolve a problem with HMRC, or an organisation that is struggling with VAT issues or indeed if you’re an accountant who needs extra resource or expertise to solve a tax related problem for  a client we’ll do everything we can to provide what you need.

We’ve set ourselves some service standards that mean if you contact us we’ll get back to you within a set timescale and be clear about whether we can help. Sometimes we bring in third party specialists to supplement our expertise. If we need to do this we’ll make sure we tell you upfront and make sure it doesn’t add to the cost or timescale for the piece of work we’re undertaking for you.

If you’d like to read more about our customer service promise take a look here.

It’s so easy for companies to make promises about their customer service standards but then fail in the delivery. We’ve all heard horror stories of people being passed from one person to another only to end up being put on hold for far too long.

We’re a relatively small team so you should be able to get through to us easily and quickly. However if we get it wrong or fail to deliver on any part of our customer service promise do tell us so we can learn from our mistakes and make sure we get it right next time. But if you are happy with our service please tell your contacts about us. What you think about our service matters to us.

We’re a friendly bunch who want to get it right first time and take away the pain of the tax problem that is causing your headache. We’d love to hear from you, give us a call to discuss how we maybe able to work together in the future.


Call us on 0115 778 8533 for a free consultation.