Bedrock Tax has recently been successfully accredited under the government's Cyber Essentials scheme.

As a business we are committed to ensuring that Bedrock is protected against cyber attack. By going through the Cyber Essentials process we are able to ensure that are guarding against the most common cyber threats and are demonstrating our commitment to cyber security by reaching certain IT standards.

The process of going for certification has helped us have a clear picture of our cyber security level which was particularly useful when combined with developing plans for ensuring we’re GDPR compliant.

We’d like to think that our certification will reassure our current and future clients that we are committed to securing our IT and data against cyber attack and improper use. We’re also mindful of the fact that some government contracts require Cyber Essentials certification before you can tender your services.

If you’re thinking about going for certification it’s worth getting some professional advice. Our friends at Liberate IT held our hands through the process which made it all much easier. We’d recommend you talk to them about how they may be able to assist you with gaining Cyber Essentials accreditation.

The Bedrock Cyber Essentials certification can be viewed here and more info about this government initiative found here.


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