Could your business benefit from a cash injection and effective tax cash savings of up to 33% of relevant R&D expenditure?

Our R&D specialist will support you through the claim process to ensure:

  • You don’t waste your time
  • You get the benefit of our considerable knowledge
  • That your claim is well received by HMRC
  • You benefit from any expenditure on creating new or improved technologies / processes
  • You maximise your claim
  • You consider your claim against other tax legislation








In return we will:

  • Guide you through the process
  • Help you identify relevant expenditure on qualifying activity
  • Prepare your supporting claim document
  • Take into account any legislative changes that could benefit your claim
  • Apply our knowledge of a wide range of sectors
  • Make sure there is minimal business impact
  • Ensure claim accuracy

Did you know that small and medium size businesses can receive a cash benefit of up to 33.5% for every £1 of qualifying expenditure?

Large companies can receive an effective cash benefit of 8.8% for every £1 of qualifying expenditure identified, plus recognition of the value of the R&D work in the statutory accounts which increases your accounting profit.

From experience we know that HMRC will closely scrutinise the use of tax legislation to benefit companies. As such we will stay by your side to support your company in making an R&D tax Relief claim. It’s a legitimate way to boost your company that the Government is keen to encourage but it can be time consuming to complete without expert advice.

Our R&D specialist helps companies of all sizes, and across numerous industries, assess if what they do qualifies for this generous tax relief. Why not get in touch today and find out if your company could be one of them?




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