Case Study: VAT Assessment

When a business comes to Bedrock with a concern that their VAT Assessment is incorrect, our experts are able review and investigate the assessment to make sure that their business is not paying too much VAT. In this case study our client supplies engineering services to the building trade.

Case Study: Tax enquiry support

The team at Bedrock offers expert tax enquiry support. Our experience in dealing with HMRC has proved invaluable to clients and accountants when defending a particular stance taken regarding tax returns; conceding where claims have been made in error and in repairing damaged relationships with HMRC.

Case Study: Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility

Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility is a mechanism that allows those with undisclosed overseas assets to be compliant with HMRC, whilst paying limited penalties and with immunity from criminal charges. In this case study we assisted a non-UK EU national to normalise his tax affairs with HMRC.

Case Study: EBT Settlement

HMRC is issuing Accelerated Payment Notices to companies and individuals who have undertaken tax planning such as those that feature Employee Benefit Trusts. Though the planning arrangement may still be subject to future litigation and has a good chance of being successfully defended through the courts, some businesses may decide they wish to settle with HMRC.

Tax Dispute Experts

Receiving an enquiry letter from HMRC can be an unsettling and confusing experience, you don’t have to manage the process on your own.


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