The challenge of running a business during Covid-19 and into the months to come has stretched many business owners. Some have had to change the way their business operates out of necessity rather than choice, though others are using the experience to take a good look at their business to ensure it's in the best possible shape to meet head on any future challenges or opportunities. 

In the current circumstances some businesses are being forced to consider reviewing their entire employment structure. They are having to streamline internal processes, consider outsourcing or the use of external experts that are paid purely on a results basis. This may be the first step to ensuring maximum value for money and to ensure full control of costs within their business.

Our clients and partners know that Bedrock has tax expertise and works alongside businesses and their advisers to ensure that they stay on the right side of HMRC. We also help them access government backed tax reliefs such as Capital Allowances and R&D.

We’ve now expanded our offer to include a Business Analyst who is experienced in working at a top-level with business owners to help them cast a fresh pair of eyes over how their business operates. If you’re an accountant or business adviser he can provide additional time and expertise that you may not be able to offer to your clients respecting your relationship with them.

Why work with us?

We can provide:

  • a dedicated expert resource
  • detailed process and procurement knowledge
  • regular ongoing management information of costs on a monthly or quarterly basis with invoice checking
  • a robust framework to ensure unnecessary costs won’t creep back into the business
  • powerful analysis & effective supplier management skills
  • new perspectives and insights to drive change and increase profitability

Give our Business Analyst a call today to discuss how Bedrock can support your business become more productive and cost efficient.


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