Whilst we are in very uncertain economic times, businesses still need to drive growth and increase profit. At the the same time business owners need to ensure that they are investing in the right technologies and receiving value for money from their suppliers.

However, it is not always financially feasible for businesses to employ full-time procurement specialists across the full spectrum of goods and services that can be purchased.

In our experience this tends to lead to major purchasing decisions being negotiated by employees without the in depth sector knowledge for what they are buying. They often don’t have the time to truly understand all the current costs and business requirements, business trends and supplier markets.

This can make your business vulnerable to being sold to and entering into contracts for services and supplies that may not be the best value fit for your business. We can help you make fully informed purchasing decisions for your business.

As with many businesses during these challenging times you may already be considering  looking at your entire employment structure. You may wish to streamline the internal processes that you currently have, outsource or bring in external experts. These are often paid only on results and may be the first step to ensure maximum value for money. The can also ensure that all the businesses costs are under control and you are working efficiently.

How we can help

Covid 19 is clearly going to continue to impact on businesses for some considerable time. There has never been a more important time for businesses to re-evaluate their entire supplier cost base and processes. With this in mind Bedrock Tax has now expanded its offering to include a full procurement service across your supplier cost centres.

Case study: contract procurement

Our Business Analyst worked with the UK’s largest young people’s sexual health charity to help them ensure its purchasing was as cost-effective as possible.

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As part of Bedrock’s continued drive towards helping business to be as profitable as possible, we have extended out services to now include a review of all of your current supplier contracts and costs with a view to revaluated, restructure or re tender. There are lots of potential benefits, we will:

  • provide a dedicated expert resource that can replace or support your existing procurement team
  • provide detailed procurement knowledge from our team of specialists who will negotiate multi-supplier contracts on your behalf
  • provide regular ongoing management information on a monthly or quarterly basis with invoice checking
  • ensure you don’t end up paying more than you need whilst focussing on value for money across your entire supplier base
  • not allow unnecessary cost to creep back into your business
  • provide powerful analysis & effective supplier management skills
  • provide new perspectives and insights to drive change and increase profitability

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