Our approach to carrying out a VAT review is a little different. We put you firmly in the driving seat so you have vat pyramidcontrol of which modules happen when so you can budget your time and cost accordingly. The one mandatory element of our modular approach is the requirement to have an initial scoping meeting.

The critical foundation of any VAT review is an information gathering exercise. Through this scoping meeting we can confirm to you which modules you need to prioritise and in which order.

Benefits to your business

We need to understand your business in order to effectively advise you on the VAT risks to your business. You need to be able to express any specific concerns so that we can tailor the review to your individual:

  • requirements
  • risk profile
  • budget
  • timescale

Take a look at the modules below to decide which are most critical to your business. Our VAT specialists are happy to discuss your concerns and advise on the best approach for your business.


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