Residential safety products and services are currently taxed at 20% but there is a view that they shouldn't be given they are essential requirements that can save lives. A petition has been lodged on the UK Parliament's website to try and make them VAT zero-rated.

The technology software company Gas Tag has launched the Axe Safety Tax campaign. Making such items zero-rated for VAT could help with the cash flow for both agents and landlords in making rental properties compliant.

The Government is being urged to scrap the 20% tax on a range of products and services including fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, gas safety checks, fire doors and fire extinguishers.

This is especially important for landlords as they can face fines and even imprisonment for failing to conduct gas safety checks and not providing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms or ensuring furniture is fire-safe.

The current situation regarding annual MOT inspections on motorised road vehicles is being cited as a comparable  example where services which are intended to save lives are already zero-rated.

A petition has been set up on the Parliament website, which has attracted around 300 signatures so far and can be found here. The petition will run for six months until 18 July 2018. At 10,000 signatures, government will respond to the petition and at 100,000 signatures, the petition would be considered for debate in Parliament.

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