Case Study: R&D Tax Relief – manufacturing

Read how our R&D specialist worked with a large Midlands PLC manufacturing company to secure them significant tax savings of circa £100k to 125k of corporation tax savings each year. This was achieved by a thorough identification of projects and associated costs.

Case study: R&D tax relief

Read how we helped a family owned sporting equipment business with a £18m+ turnover achieve an overall corporation tax saving in the first year of circa £146k

Case study: disclosing a second income

Read how we recently helped a client who hadn’t previously filed a self-assessment tax return or notified HMRC of his second income.  He was concerned that he’d not paid the correct amount of tax and National Insurance.

Case study: worldwide disclosure facility

How we helped a widowed lady in her 80s declare income from overseas savings and rental property to HMRC through the Worldwide Disclosure Facility. With Bedrock’s assistance the penalties due were kept to the statutory minimum of 20% rather than 50% which could have been the outcome.

Case Study: disclosing upaid tax

How we helped an oil rig worker disclose off-shore income and bank interest to HMRC and reach a final settlement including tax, interest and penalties which was ultimately less than expected.

Case Study: Company demerger

We assisted a company allocate their trading activities into two separate companies so as to reduce the exposure of each company to the other company’s risks without producing adverse tax consequences.


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