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Receiving an enquiry letter from HMRC can be an unsettling and confusing experience, you don’t have to manage the process on your own.

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Interaction with HMRC can be very worrying, we will do our very best to support you. Our team can manage all communication with HMRC on your behalf and ensure legal processes are strictly followed. We can advise on specific elements of your dispute or manage the whole process.

Don’t face HMRC alone – expert advice is critical.

We can guide you through enquiries and tax disputes with HMRC ensuring you get the best tax advice along the way. HMRC have wide ranging powers to look into your tax affairs which means you need the best possible advice to ensure you don’t fall foul of the law. We can help you with a whole range of related tax issues from initial HMRC enquiries and compliance checks through to VAT assessments and possible fraud.

We have experience in dealing with all types of HMRC checks, enquiries and investigations including:

  • Code of Practice 8 (COP8)
  • Code of Practice 9 (COP9)
  • Disclosures
  • Penalties
  • Criminal investigations
  • First Tier Tribunals
  • Negotiation of settlements
  • VAT investigations
  • VAT default surcharges
  • Time to pay arrangements
  • Defence of tax planning arrangements
  • Challenges to the enquiry process

Whatever aspect of tax investigation is worrying you we will do our very best to support you and help negotiate a positive outcome and minimise any potential fines. We will aim to resolve any dispute as quickly as possible by advancing all reasonable arguments in your favour. Our team’s experience means they understand the tax inspector’s perspective.

Case Study: EBT Settlement

HMRC is issuing Accelerated Payment Notices to companies and individuals who have undertaken tax planning such as those that feature Employee Benefit Trusts. Though the planning arrangement may still be subject to future litigation and has a good chance of being successfully defended through the courts, some businesses may decide they wish to settle with HMRC.

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Our team can manage all communication with HMRC on your behalf and ensure legal processes are strictly followed. We are flexible in how we can support you when dealing with HMRC. We do not prepare accounts or tax returns so your existing agents can retain this role if you so wish. We will however take on the enquiry to resolution. If you would prefer we can advise on the conduct of the enquiry in the background or be engaged to handle a specific element such as a meeting, penalty demand or a Tribunal hearing.


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