We're committed to providing timely, accurate straight-talking tax and legal advice to all our clients.

We will:

  • respond to new enquiries within 24 hours
  • tell you if we can’t help with your tax issue
  • tell you if we need to involve a third party
  • ensure there are no surprises: a price and billing schedule will be agreed in advance
  • provide a primary point of contact for you with a second ‘go to’ person if they’re not available
  • outline what information we need from you, making sure we keep secure and confidential any information you provide
  • keep you regularly updated on progress
  • do all this with good humour

What we need from you:

  • openness: we can only help you resolve any tax or legal challenges if we know the full circumstances
  • access to information in a timely and accurate format
  • honesty: let us know if you are unhappy with our service so we can do something about it: but do tell others if you’re happy with it

Our approach

We will do everything possible to ensure that our clients and partners receive a high quality service from us that is differentiated through excellent quality service.

Our team will:

  • deliver on our customer service promise
  • keep sight of the big picture, making sure our clients’ overall requirements are kept in mind
  • get to know our clients
  • provide fee quotes within 48 hours
  • follow our internal quality control processes for engagement, review and sign off of our advice
  • if working with third parties, involve them immediately so we can build their fee quote into our proposal
  • maintain our sense of humour and personality

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