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R&D Tax Relief is complex and our team can help you navigate your way through it to ensure your company fully benefits from the opportunities available.

R&D Tax Relief exists to encourage investment in research, development and innovation by UK companies and not just those working with new technologies, which is a common misconception.

Why not talk to us for an initial consultation and assessment to identify qualifying R&D activities. If we find projects that could benefit from R&D Tax Relief we’ll help you determine the expenditure incurred on qualifying activities to make sure that you claim the maximum relief available to you.

We will prepare a supporting claim document to ensure all of the information HMRC requires is present and correct. Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the value of corporation tax savings and/or cash credit from HMRC achieved from making the claim.

The Bedrock team actively monitors any legislative changes to the R&D Tax Relief guidance to ensure your company makes the most of the opportunity.

From experience we know HMRC closely scrutinises any application of the tax legislation which results in a benefit to companies and as such we will stay by your side to support your company in defending a R&D Tax Relief claim in the event of an HMRC enquiry.

Case study: claiming R&D tax relief

How we helped a highly skilled group of software and systems development engineers, who had recently started their own development company, claim R&D tax relief.

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