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When you started your company you probably weren’t thinking about the day when you’d no longer be running your business.

Even if you don’t have a long-term plan for your business in terms of its life-span and your involvement it’s worth speaking to one of the Bedrock team as soon as you start thinking about exiting your business.

Our team are experienced in assisting with the sale of businesses whether through a management buy-out or disposal to a third party. In either situation we can help you get your business into the best possible tax shape so that you maximise the company’s value.

There are a number of tax efficient ways to exit your business particularly as a share holder we can help you use. If you want to put in place succession planning so that someone within the company can step into your shoes the Bedrock team can help you put in place staff incentives and structures to ensure such processes are managed within UK tax legislation and company law.

Case Study: Company Sale

We can help with identifying the tax implications of a company sale. Often working with clients through their accountants where the accountancy practice doesn’t have either the time nor the necessary in-house capacity or tax knowledge to undertake assignments without our support.

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Company purchase of own shares

An option for consideration where a shareholder wants to exit a business is the company purchase of own shares.

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We’d always recommend that you speak to one of the Bedrock team as soon as possible even if you’re not sure what you’d like to do. We can help you identify the options along with the pros and cons.

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