HMRC enquiries and investigations nottingham

The Bedrock team can help with all types of HMRC, enquiries and investigations and negotiated settlements. Our team also have experience in:

  • Advice and support with appeals,
  • Discovery processes,
  • Information powers,
  • Penalties and
  • Tribunal hearings

Our tax dispute resolution service can offer you a wide range of support including:

  • Dealing with Specialist Investigations teams from HMRC as these teams are opening a significant number of new cases, including Code of Practice 9 (COP 9) cases. If you receive a COP9 letter you must make an outline disclosure within 60 days and a detailed disclosure thereafter. If you do not make an outline disclosure you may face a criminal investigation. COP9 is very serious and we have the experience and expertise to help.
  • Dealing with enquiries relating to tax planning strategies. Over the years a wide range of tax avoidance strategies have come and gone. These strategies were often put in place with complex legal arrangements that though within the letter of the law are now being challenged by HMRC. It doesn’t matter which company put in place the arrangement for you; the Bedrock team can help you manage your dealings with HMRC to secure the best possible outcome.

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