Tax Reliefs

Whether you’re a start-up business, an established company, a charity or a not-for-profit organisation we can help you access tax reliefs available to your sector.

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At Bedrock we continually monitor UK tax legislation and case law to make sure our team is fully up-to-date on what tax reliefs are available to businesses and not-for-profit organisations. Our team is experienced in spotting opportunities for our clients to benefit from those reliefs, whether it be R&D Tax Relief, Capital Allowances or the many other reliefs available, we can ensure that you make successful claims through what can be a complex process.

There are a number of ways in which businesses and non-profit organisations can minimise their tax liabilities, and save themselves significant amounts of money which they can reinvest in their activities. However, as we all know, the UK tax regime is complicated and identifying these money saving opportunities can be a complex affair. It can be difficult to know where tax liabilities can be reduced, or determine how much tax relief can be claimed, therefore it is no surprise that companies and non-profit organisations look to trusted specialist advisers such as the Bedrock team for advice they can rely on. Get in touch today to see how we may be able to assist you in accessing government backed tax reliefs which are available, including Capital Allowances and R&D tax credits.

Case Study: Capital Allowances

Capital Allowances can be claimed when a business owner buys an asset for their business, the business owner can then deduct some or all of the value of the item from their profits subject to tax.

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