We help business owners navigate the complexities of the tax regulations to ensure that they can focus on the success of their business.

We don’t offer accountancy, audit or tax return compliance services, our speciality is tax advice pure and simple. We work alongside your existing accountant to ensure you get the best possible advice to ensure the long-term future of your business and assist you in achieving your aspirations.

Our role is to provide tax expertise based on years of experience where your accountant recognises our expertise can assist. We have particular experience of working with accountants on helping their clients access tax reliefs such as Capital Allowances and other HMRC tax relief schemes.

The tax knowledge of the Bedrock team is wide ranging and based on substantial experience. We are able to deliver advice and support across most sectors. If there is a tax issue, we can usually help to find an answer for you. Over the years our team has built up particular expertise in relation to working with:


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