Tax abuse and insolvency

HMRC has opened a consultation into exploring ways to tackle those who deliberately abuse the insolvency regime in trying to avoid or evade their tax liabilities, including through the use of phoenix companies.

Landfill Tax

From William Pitt the Younger’s income tax to pay for weapons and equipment for the Napoleonic Wars through to increasing duties on cigarettes and alcohol and now a sugar tax to influence people’s behaviours, successive UK governments have frequently used taxation as a political tool.

VAT Cost Sharing Group changes

Following judgements in four European court cases HMRC has made some immediate changes to its policy on the VAT exemption available for cost sharing groups.

VAT advice for online sellers

HMRC has updated its VAT guidance to sellers which sets out the sellers’ VAT obligations if they use an online marketplace to sell goods in the UK.

Online marketplace VAT checks

HMRC is requiring online marketplace operators, such as Amazon, ebay and Gumtree to carry out checks to ensure sellers are paying the correct amount of VAT.

Declaration of offshore assets and income

HMRC has provided a guide that provides an overview of its view of tax arrangements for offshore assets and income. Here we take a look at their advice and provide our take on their top ten tips.

VAT on safety products and services

Residential safety products and services are currently taxed at 20% but there is a view that they shouldn’t be given they are essential requirements that can save lives. A petition has been lodged on the UK Parliament’s website to try and make them VAT zero-rated.