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UK VAT legislation and regulations are notoriously complex and few businesses have in-house VAT specialists. It’s no surprise that HMRC are raising an increasing number of VAT assessments and penalties every year.

The Bedrock VAT specialists have over 35 years of experience between them. They can carry out a VAT review of your business to help you avoid potential penalties and identify opportunities to mitigate VAT.

Our team offer assistance and advice on a range of VAT issues. They can deal with routine VAT questions, support you during a VAT inspection by HMRC or deal with complex VAT issues relating to challenging HMRC decisions; potential exemptions, the capital goods scheme or land and property amongst others.

We aim to provide rounded VAT advice, seeking to identify VAT issues before they arise and presenting VAT saving opportunities applicable to the particular circumstances.

Case Study: VAT Assessment

When a business comes to Bedrock with a concern that their VAT Assessment is incorrect, our experts are able review and investigate the assessment to make sure that their business is not paying too much VAT. In this case study our client supplies engineering services to the building trade.

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By carrying out VAT reviews our Bedrock team has:

  • helped a small charity with a turnover of circa £2million mitigate a £600,000 VAT assessment to zero
  • represented clients at all levels up to and including the European Court of Justice
  • successfully reclaimed millions of pounds for clients in respect of overpaid VAT
  • helped mitigate penalties by successfully negotiating with HMRC
  • acted for sports national governing bodies and individual sportsmen and women in respect of VAT

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