HMRC enquiries into taxpayers

Recent reports suggest that HMRC conducted 337,000 enquiries into UK taxpayers last year, if you are one of them under the spotlight here are some things to consider.

VAT, e-books and online newspapers

There was a tax ‘give-away’ in last week’s Budget announcement with supplies of e-books, digital magazines, e-newspapers and academic e-journals to be zero-rated from 1 December 2020 in the same way as printed material.

HMRC Charter consultation

HMRC are seeking views on draft revisions to their Charter which sets out the standard of behaviour and values that HMRC aspires to when interacting with customers.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

HMRC has updated its fact sheet on the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service for customers who need extra support, this has prompted us to take another look at what the service offers.

HMRC and IR35

HMRC has announced change to the off-payroll working rules which come into effect this April.

Tax-free taxis

As an employer do you ever provide your employees with a taxi either to or from work? Possibly for special occasions or related to late night working? Did you know doing so they could trigger a tax liability?

Tax-free investments using Premium Bonds

Premium Bonds (PBs) are an investment product issued and maintained by National Savings and Investments (NS&I), which in turn, is backed by HM Treasury. With a return rate comparable with regular savings accounts (currently 1.40%), it is not difficult to see why PBs remain one of Britain’s favourite ways to save – around 21 million […]

HMRC blocks income tax avoidance

HMRC has recently set out in Spotlight 47 information about tax avoidance schemes that try to avoid an Income Tax charge on distributions when winding up a company.

Taxation of termination payments

HMRC have introduced new rules for taxation of termination payments to prevent manipulation of the system which took affect at the beginning of December 2018.


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