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tax advice for SME's nottinghamRunning a business can be tough particularly when it comes to dealing with tax. At Bedrock we understand the challenges that owners of businesses face and we’re here to help take away the headache of understanding the UK tax regime and deal with any issues that ,you may have with HMRC.

Whether you run a business on your own, are part of a family business that has a heritage of many years, starting up a new business or indeed looking to exit a business we can help you when it comes to managing your tax affairs.

There are indeed many issues that business owners face during the business lifecycle, including:


If you’re establishing a business this is the perfect time to consider how best to structure the organisation for tax purposes in accordance with the relevant law. From advice on how to find an accountant or legal adviser that suits your needs through to accessing funding and appropriate registrations with the authorities we can help.


Once your company is up and running you’ll be looking to ensure it’s survival and growth. The Bedrock team can help identify how you can access any tax reliefs that may be available to businesses in your sector such as VAT schemes, R&D Tax Reliefs, capital allowances. We can also help you access auto-enrolment schemes to set up pensions for employees and look at incentive schemes to help with motivation of your team.


As your business continues to develop you may be considering business acquisitions and we can help with due diligence for such purchases. Or maybe you need to access capital finance or are looking to buy new premises. If you are doing so it’s worth considering capital allowances and the most appropriate way for any property to be owned, both areas our team specailises in. If you’re looking to import or export outside of the UK, whether in Europe or further afield we can help keep you on the right side of the tax regulations governing overseas trading.


As your business reaches a period of consolidation you may need to review your structure to ensure that it is still appropriately structured for tax purposes perhaps for the ultimate end in mind, as well as legal compliance. At this stage, due
diligence around your VAT and tax arrangements are particularly important as is managing relationships with HMRC. Should HMRC, as is their right, decide to open an enquiry into your tax affairs or there is a dispute, the Bedrock team can step in and support you every step of the way.


Most people when setting up a business do so because they have a passion for what they do and it’s very rare for them to be thinking ahead to their end-game. If you’re at the stage of thinking about retiring or stepping back from the business with a view to reducing your involvement or indeed are looking to sell your business, then we are the ideal people to talk to. The Bedrock team have considerable experience in advising on succession planning and business disposals whether it’s a straight sale or a management buy-out. Our team will help you address relevant tax issues including Capital Gains Tax and Entrepreneur’s Relief and Inheritance Tax.

If you have trusted advisers such as an accountant already in place that’s great and we’ll work with them to ensure that you are getting the optimum advice that makes sense for you and your business in the round. Our team is experienced in working with business people and understand the pressures that you are under and the lifestyle considerations that you may have. Get in touch today to see how we can assist with your tax affairs.



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