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The Bedrock team understand the challenges that accountants face keeping up-to-date with tax related issue. Often they are also expected to be what clients perceive as a one-stop shop for tax related matters. Tax legislation and case law is complicated and changes on a daily basis. It is not uncommon for recent changes to be overlooked if you don’t have in-house capacity to keep on top of developments or indeed to have the breadth of experience or knowledge required.

At times being an accountant is a bit like being a medical GP – sometimes you need to call in a specialist who will work alongside you to provide specialist treatment for the patient, your client. Unless you have a number of tax specialists, it is likely that you will find from time-to-time that you do not have the in-house tax expertise you need.

When it comes to tax you and your clients need the best possible advice from a company that does not threaten your existing client relationship. Bedrock specialises in providing tax advisory services and we don’t offer tax compliance, accountancy or audit services so we can act as your trusted tax adviser, becoming part of your team as and when needed.

We provide support and a wealth of expertise which means that we can work in partnership with you to assist your clients. We regularly advise on specialist tax issues and deal with the complexities of the UK tax regime. We deliver bespoke tax advice on all of the major taxes. It is not just our specialist knowledge of complex tax legislation that we bring to the table, we also consider the commercial implications resulting from our suggestions. Our team combines key skills and knowledge to enable us to advise on a range of issues including company restructures, property transactions, exit strategies capital allowances and VAT.

We can:

  • provide you with a second opinion
  • keep you up to date with tax legislation changes
  • help you proactively identify opportunities
  • provide a flexible approach either working with you or direct with your clients, always keeping you informed
  • provide bespoke advice to resolve your clients’ issues

If you’re not proactively talking to your clients about tax, someone else will be, we can be your chosen partner to assist you in this regard.

Aside from picking up the baton from you on complex tax problems and disputes with HMRC, we can also work with you to spot opportunities to proactively address tax related problems so that you add value to the services you provide your clients. You’ll know from experience that sometimes clients will leave it too late before seeking your advice which limits your ability to resolve their tax problems. Let us help you to identify those potentially difficult tax situations which your clients could soon be facing.

The Bedrock team has proven expertise and experience of working with a large number of accountants to provide advice and support to them and their clients. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how can become a chosen partner for you.

Tax Helpline

We offer a Tax Helpline for accountants. Unless you have a number of tax specialists, it is likely that you will find from time-to-time that you do not have the in-house tax expertise you need. Let us help.

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